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One of the biggest areas of employment in the United States, the construction industry has nearly 7 million workers employed around the nation. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most dangerous areas of employment as well. Accounting for over 2 million lost work days per year, the construction industry presents many unique challenges for those who try to stay safe while on the job. With various hazards around every turn, it can be very difficult for workers to avoid getting injured. If you need more information as to the types of safety hazards at these sites, the most common injuries that take place, how to stay safe, and what to do in the event of an accident, here are some crucial details to keep in mind.

Should you be involved in an accident while working construction, it may be best if you consult with experienced and knowledgeable construction accident lawyers. Since you will likely need financial compensation to pay for medical bills, replace lost wages, and help you deal with the daily pain and suffering resulting from the accident, never hesitate to discuss your situation in greater detail with construction accident lawyers who will fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

How to Stay Safe While Working Construction

If you are working at a construction site, you will have many hazards around you that could result in serious injuries. However, there are also many ways in which you can stay safe while on the job. For example, if you are working high above-ground, always make sure you are wearing safety harnesses that have been inspected and are worn correctly. Along with this, if you will be using ladders or scaffolding during the course of your job, always position these at a safe distance from electrical wires to avoid electrocution, and also make sure they are positioned on solid ground so that they do not slip. Finally, if you are working with saws or other equipment, always inspect them first to make sure they are in proper working order.

What To Do if You are in a Construction Site Accident

Even if you have taken all possible precautions to stay safe, you may still be involved in a construction site accident. If you are, there are certain steps you should take immediately. First and foremost, always get immediate medical treatment at the site and later on at a hospital. Since you may have suffered broken bones, burns, a concussion or other more serious brain injury, deep lacerations, back injuries, or other issues, you will need your injuries to be treated and documented in your medical records. Also, report your accident and injuries you sustained to your supervisor, since this may play a part in helping you file a workers’ compensation claim. Finally, if there were any eyewitnesses to your accident, always try to get their names and contact information, as well as statements from them about what they saw regarding your accident. Last but certainly not least, contact experienced NYC construction accident attorneys as they’ll be able to help you get more compensation based on third party claims.

Most Common Construction Site Injuries in New York State

As for the injuries that occur at construction sites, some of the most common are broken bones. Whether these happen from a fall, being struck by an object, or other incident, workers often suffer broken arms, legs, ribs, and backs. Another type of serious injury involves head injuries such as concussions or traumatic brain injuries, which are usually caused by being struck on the head by a falling object. Whereas some concussions may be relatively mild, traumatic brain injuries can be life-threatening and will require emergency medical treatment. For workers who regularly use saws and other sharp tools, severe lacerations are also common. Since these injuries can lead to rapid loss of blood and sometimes involve the loss of a limb, great care should be taken to keep these injuries from occurring. As for other common injuries, workers who fall from ladders or slip and fall may suffer neck and back injuries that lead to herniated discs and may require surgery.

Most Common Construction Site Safety Hazards

Since construction sites are often large, have many people on them at any given time, and have various types of work going on simultaneously, many safety hazards are present that can result in serious injuries. Some of the most common are ladders and stairways, which according to OSHA account for nearly 25,000 injuries per year at construction sites. Also, hazardous materials such as chemicals can lead to burns, respiratory distress, and even death if proper precautions are not taken by workers. To guard against this, all workers should be properly trained in the use of hazardous materials and have access to PPE such as gloves, face shields, masks, and other related items. In many instances, workers at construction sites fall victim to trenches that collapse due to inadequate wall support and improper digging procedures.